March 2021 // The Senior Edition

The Five Most Useful Blending Modes in Photoshop | David Byrd

In the realm of digital photo editing, there are many powerful tools and techniques that can be utilized to create awesome works of art. As these editors have developed over time, their mechanisms and interactions have evolved to offer more complex options to the artist. This is definitely worth exploring as you seek to set the bar even higher for your own artwork. However, it is vital to remember that some of the most powerful tools in digital photo editors (that have yet to be matched by new software) are also the most basic tools or aspects of the program. Such is the case in Photoshop in regard to Layer Blending Modes. They are one of the first major additions to the program and their functions are the cornerstone to how new mechanisms are developed for the modern age of the software. Let’s do a general overview of the Blending Modes and then we’ll get into examples of why the most popular choices work the way they do. These are all of the Blending Modes that are available in the Layers Window in Photoshop. How can we easily identify what they do? Here is a simple breakdown.

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