March 2021 // The Senior Edition


As mentioned above, make sure to highlight a lot of different work on your website's portfolio. You may want to break this up into different galleries so that people can navigate it more easily. Each gallery can focus on a different style or type of photography (e.g., engagement shoots, wedding shoots, detail photos, etc.). Stick to no more than 20 images per gallery because almost no one is actually going to scroll through dozens or hundreds of photographs (I know that’s difficult and yes, I’m breaking my own rule on my website). Of course, you're proud of your work, but keep it simple! Focus on including shots that illustrate your brand, show your absolute best and create an easily-recognizable style for your business. When you work to include these elements in your website, it can help you find new clients, show off your proudest photography moments, get clients actually contacting you, and build a solid foundation for expanding your business.

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Vanessa Joy has been a professional wedding photographer in New Jersey since 2002, and an influencer in the photographic community for years. Since starting in 2008, she has taught photographers around the globe at almost every major platform in the industry ( Vanessa has been recognized for her talent and business sense at the renowned industry events CreativeLIVE, Clickin’ Moms, WPPI and ShutterFest. Her peers love her informative, open-book style of teaching. website: instagram: @vanessajoy

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