March 2021 // The Senior Edition

A Checklist of Must-Haves on Your Website | Vanessa Joy


The easier it is for potential customers to get in touch with you, the more likely it is they'll do it. Give them a variety of ways to get ahold of you, like phone, email, and social media platforms. Some people might prefer one contact method over another. A contact form on your website will also give them another way to contact you where they can include their name, phone number, email address, and a short message to you. From there, you can ask the best way and the best time to get in touch with them and follow up based on the information you collected. You can also include a checkbox to indicate if they want to sign up for email updates. Place a contact button on each page on your website that takes people to your contact form, and a link in your site's top-level navigation that points to your contact form too. Don't ask for too much information in this form. If people see that they have to fill out 20 fields, they might think it's too much work and navigate away without filling out the form. Remember, your goal is to make contacting you as easy as possible!

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