March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Customize Your Senior Portrait Sessions and MAKE MORE MONEY | Megan Engeseth


1. Think outside the box I know as creatives this should come naturally, but it can be daunting. To create images that stand out from the crowd, you need to think about how to showcase your clients in their element in a way that is fashion-forward and creatively styled—not old-fashioned looking. 2. Costuming/Fashion/Props are key At the base level, the props and costumes or outfits will help you define concept. Is your senior a huge history nerd (don’t get me wrong, nerds are my FAVORITE) and wants to show that off? My business has a partnership with a big theatrical company here in Minneapolis to create head to toe creative/historical looks that are included in some senior sessions. Can your senior who loves sports incorporate a jersey or gear in a way that hints toward their activity without dressing them up completely in uniform and holding a ball? Can you build or create a garment or headpiece for a client that loves fantasy/theatrical looks? I’ve always kept my eye out for unique props that will elevate my sessions. Small things like fake butterflies, moss, vines, candles, antique books and crowns can be added to hint toward a mood or theme. 3. Don’t underestimate the importance of location This can be anywhere from a beautiful hand painted backdrop in your studio a la Vanity Fair, to an empty warehouse or a broken-down staircase deep in the woods that looks like a castle path. Even a small element in your environment can hint toward your final look. 4. Don’t be so literal Sometimes the best image just hints toward the concept subtly together with a modern high fashion or beauty look. 5. In the end it’s about their story It’s so important to tell the story of the senior you’re showcasing. What does this activity mean to them? What mood do you want the image to evoke? And finally (and most importantly), this step is beneficial because these images work best in large formats, wall art groupings, and basically pre-sell albums.

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