March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Why is it important to create images that tell your senior’s story? They are a pathway to large sales. These sessions will make your business stand out and support high-end pricing by creating memorable images that withstand the test of time. I focus on creating that high-end, custom experience for my clients—a technique that would be hard to make profitable for a high-volume photographer because of the amount of work involved in customizing each experience. These photoshoots can take hours to create, build, style and photoshop to perfection. Profitable pricing is a must if you are adding these intensely customized photo shoots to your offering.

Settings: f13 @ 1/3 iso 64

For every client, I offer an hour-long consultation either in person or over Zoom (during Covid) to really dig into what has defined their high school career. What are they proud of? How would they like to be seen or remembered in 10 years, 20 years? How can we celebrate their amazing achievements during this pivotal time in their lives? Together, we use these themes as a way to co-create a session unique to them. Sometimes I find that my seniors will push back when I mention bringing props like musical instruments or sports equipment. While they love unique, the worst thing you can do is create something they consider inauthentic or old-fashioned looking. There is a fine line when it comes to inspired senior portraits.

I ask them to take a leap of faith and come with me on that creative journey.

Many of my clients’ interests fall into a few categories: sports, art, dance, music, academia, fashion, or theatre. During their hour-long consultation, we discover the theme for their photoshoot and how they want to feel and look. From there, it’s my job to design the images that will take their interests to the next level. This consultation is imperative to this process and helps them to feel like a co-creator and their authentic selves.

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