March 2021 // The Senior Edition

I’ve met with the client. I’ve shown samples of my work. I’ve talked about the printed products that I love. We’ve planned for and completed a successful senior session. Now what? It’s time for the SALE!

Settings: f5.6 @ 1/320 iso 160

I will be the first to admit that I hate sales and I feel like I also suck at sales, so the best part of using this process is that I do NOT have to sell to my client. By the time I get to the order appointment, my client is prepped and ready to purchase the products I’ve coached them to want. During the consultation, I send them home with my full product and price sheet and because I have prepared them well, they come in with a good idea of what they are going to purchase! My sales sessions are relaxed as I walk them through a simple process that allows them to narrow the images down to their favorites. I then guide them in choosing what goes on the wall, then what goes in the album or image box, and then what goes to grandma or sets around the house in smaller frames. When it comes to wall art, the BEST decision that I made was to invest in an in-person sales (IPS) tool that allows me to show my client what their images will look like on the wall. A little over a year ago, I started using N-Vu software for all my sales sessions and saw an immediate increase in wall art sales! I will say this one more time… you MUST show what you want to sell. Being able to show my client not only what their images will look like on the wall, but also how various sizes display on the wall is HUGE! The increase in wall art sales came from clients realizing they needed larger sizes and I also started selling wall collections. I don’t have a lot of wall space in my studio or sales room and rarely sold collections because I did not have room to display them on my own walls. N-Vu has made it possible for me to suggest and show wall collections to my clients. Since the majority of my senior clients order my middle portrait collection, adding wall art pieces to build a wall collection easily increases my sales average!

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