March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Settings: f5.0 @ 1/160 iso 160

One key to success when it comes to selling wall art is to plan. Again, you must show what you want to sell! My artwork is different than what anyone else in my area offers. It is dark, moody and dramatic. While not every image I create fits this aesthetic, 99% of what I show does, so when a client books me for a portrait session, I already know what they want. In order to create this look with my client, we have to plan and I am very intentional about the planning process. During the consultation, I talk to my client about wardrobe and instruct all my seniors on what they need to bring for their session, which includes dark, solid-colored clothing pieces. I photograph my seniors both in-studio as well as outdoors. For the studio portraits, I ask that they bring at least one or more looks that are dark in color. While my favorite color to photograph is black, I take into consideration my client’s skin tone as well as their hair and eye color. I then direct them on what colors will look best on them and also talk a lot about their style. When photographing seniors, the wall portrait should reflect their true personality because this is the portrait that Mom will look at every day once that senior leaves home. A young man who has never put on a suit and tie in his life is not going to be comfortable, nor is he going to look like himself if I photograph him in a stuffy suit and tie, so we talk through the wardrobe for the shoot and come up with options that both he and his mom are happy with that will also fit the aesthetic I need for the studio portraits.

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