March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Show It To Sell It: How to Shoot to Sell Large Wall Prints | Lisa Jones

Knowing my clientele is key when choosing products to offer. I live in the deep South, where many things are still very traditional, so the majority of my clients still choose a traditional studio portrait of their senior to display in their home. My top selling product is a framed portrait printed on watercolor art paper. The framed prints fit very well with the décor of most homes in my area and very well with the aesthetic of my studio artwork. Other printed wall art that I offer includes metal, acrylic and a suede canvas wrap. Once I have a good idea of what my client is drawn to and what their intent is for the wall art, I can suggest products that best fit their needs. If I know my senior wants an edgy Sportrait and that Mom intends to hang it in the senior’s bedroom, most likely that client will go home with a large metal print. Every piece of wall art that I sell leaves my studio ready to hang on my client’s wall. I feel that anything less is offering an incomplete service to the client.

Settings: f3.5 @ 1/160 iso 160

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