March 2021 // The Senior Edition

Are you designing and selling wall art to your senior clients? No? Why not?!

When a client books me for a senior portrait session, I automatically assume they are going to purchase wall art, among other printed products that I offer. How do I know that? Because I make the end result of their session part of every conversation from the first inquiry. Part of my senior portrait experience includes an in-person consultation before they even book the session. This meeting, which takes place at my home studio, allows me to get to know my client before I pick up a camera to photograph them. It also allows me an opportunity to show off the various printed products that I offer. You absolutely must show what you want to sell! I have a variety of my best work displayed on various mediums and none are smaller than a 16”x24” in my sales room. As I show off the various printed options, I talk to my client about what I can create for their walls with enthusiasm because I do not sell or display any product that I don’t love. My excitement is authentic because I love the products that I have chosen to offer my clients. This creates excitement and desire in my client which, in turn, makes the sales process very easy.

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