March 2021 // The Senior Edition


TITLE: flower waltz

PHOTOGRAPHER: saray taylor-roman CAMERA: canon 5d mark iv LENS: canon 50mm 1.2 l EXPOSURE: f/8 @ 1/125 iso 640 WEBSITE:

LIGHTING: natural light camera right 8’ away from subject (large floor to ceiling 10’ window with double white polyester sheers as diffusion) plus a white v-flat on camera right 6’ away from subject. MODEL: ella kate, company dancer with knox dance

ABOUT THE IMAGE: There is something about dancers that fascinates me. The way they can showcase strength and discipline while appearing effortless and ethereal while they dance. So, when putting together this concept, I drew from nature which is a consistent inspiration for me. In this case, flowers as soft, ephemeral, and items full of beauty would represent the graceful and aesthetic elements of a dancer. Then, she would go on pointe to showcase the years, the hours, and the pain she endured for the love of this discipline; yet her hands would softly fall in front barely touching the tutu as she effortlessly arched her back to also speak of her love for ballet as art. A little movement on the tulle on her head as well as in her hair reminds us dance isn’t static. And her calm yet fierce gaze lets us know that on the dance floor she is most confidently herself.

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