March 2021 // The Senior Edition


Start out on the right foot by utilizing social media stories as a way for future or prospective clients to get the feeling that they already know you. Show up authentically with selfies and video of you talking to the camera. This takes some getting used to but it doesn’t take long to become comfortable talking to your phone. Share things about your business, like your “why” statement, your excitement over an upcoming project or even your favorite products for senior portraits. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of random personal info like fun facts about yourself or a funny opinion you might have, like whether or not one should wear socks to bed. Document behind the scenes during sessions so future seniors can see how a portrait session works and how fun it is to be photographed by you. You’re probably thinking, “But this has nothing to do with posing…” Well, maybe not exactly. But it has everything to do with helping your subject feel comfortable with you and getting in front of the camera before even meeting you for the first time, in turn making the posing and shooting process easier for everyone involved.

Settings: f4.0 @ 1/600 iso 400


Take some time before the shoot to look at outfits and talk about their style aesthetic. All teens like to talk about themselves so ask any questions you can think of. I typically meet with them via Zoom a few days prior but this could happen at the beginning of the shoot as well. Go through outfits with them and find out what kinds of backgrounds or locations they are envisioning with each look. Once you know their vision you can plan locations and start to look for inspiration on what you might want to do with each outfit. Variety in outfit style and location is important because it will help you decide on what kinds of poses go well with each outfit. Talking with them will also give you an idea of their personality type, comfort level and natural mannerisms you might want to incorporate during the posing process.

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